My Profiles:

Behind the headlines with Ginny Paton

“Working in PR is… Great fun – and never boring. We get to be involved in all the best bits of our clients’ brand plans. There for all the exciting stuff, like new product launches, anniversaries, ambassador programmes, announcements. And we probably get to duck some of the more mundane bits of our clients’ roles. “
Which social media platform has changed your life? “Probably Twitter, but I think they all have in different ways. The first time we won a new client via Twitter was a great moment for the agency, and cemented its power commercially for us.If I could breathe new life into a brand, it would be… The Post Office. Previously much loved and relied upon. There is a huge amount of equity in the brand and it still has a place on the high street and in all our hearts. But reinvention is critical; it needs to modernise, keep up and embrace new digital opportunities” – See more at: http://gorkana.com/news/corporate-and-financial/behind-the-headlines/behind-the-headlines-with-ginny-paton/

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